Meyrick Kaminski is a multimedia artist working predominantly with moving images and installation. Materials are employed as a means to an end, not as a process-driven end in itself. With roots in traditional media (drawing, printmaking), Kaminski branched out to video and film, initially as a way to document performances, in 2009. After completing Bachelor studies at the VCA, Kaminski went on to complete their Masters under Candice Breitz and Michael Brynntrup.
There are three core interests at the roots of Kaminski's artistic practice.
1. Culture and how cultures are formed.
In particular, what processes are at work in defining modes of cultural authenticity.

2. A critical examination of history. There are emergent patterns to be
recognised in the past which we ignore, or whitewash, at our own peril.

3. Dynamics of cultural transfer. The ways in which cultural products
are adopted, reused, and redefined when they cross over from one group to another.
These core interests are explored with the help of several tools.
Language. Particularly, strategies of power subversion through language,
ways in which the intimately familiar and innate can be rendered foreign to the host audience,
or vice versa. This can be a useful strategy to allow the jaded eye to perceive anew.

Short-circuiting, or hacking a process is another way of creating immediacy.

The influence of literature, perhaps more so than the visual arts. The judicious use of layering in a work.
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